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Flight of a Wild Heart

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About this premium eBook

A reformed reprobate desiring a new life. A native woman desperate to find her people. Can they work together to escape the band of men hunting them?

Robert Sweeney wants nothing more than to settle down in the cabin he built and work  the land where he homesteaded in the Roaring Fork Valley. With his disreputable past firmly behind him, he’s ready for a peaceful life, even if it is lonely. Will years of shouldering a tainted family legacy and the weight of guilt hold him back from the serenity he craves?

Sparrow arrives at her tribal land only to find her people gone and a white settlement pitched among the fertile soil. Her heart plummets with dread. She should have never stayed away as long as she did. Now, she’ll be hard pressed to find her family before the snow falls.

When the deeds of devious men throw Robert and Sparrow together, will their epic journey over the Coloradan mountains bind them together or will the unyielding terrain break them apart?

If you like page-turning adventure, fascinating characters, and engaging stories of triumph, you'll love Sara Blackard's western historical romance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Roni F.
Great Historical Novel

Two people brought together by chance? Or was the hand of God orchestrating this chain of events. Robert Sweeney is trying to settle down and forget his guilt ridden past. Sparrow is on a journey to find her people. These events draw you into their story filled with details of Colorado, adventure, betrayal, faith, and love.
September 12, 2023

Charlette Christianson
Sad reality to happiness

Wonderfully written about a very sad part of history to a happy life. The happiness ad relief of faith beautifully woven in. A real page turner with sadness and happiness.

The Soilman
Well done

Interesting read as main male character grows from works righteousness to salvation by grace. Supporting role of wife illustrative of how a marriage should be with both partners equal in importance and sharing their burdens and joys.

Beautiful Read!

Beautiful. I keep coming back to that word when I think of Flight of a Wild Heart. Love is beautiful and transformative. Robert and Sparrow discover this on their dangerous journey through the Coloradan mountains. If you are looking for a story that involves forced proximity in a dangerous environment with enemies on their tail yet still manages to deliver a beautiful romance then Flight of a Wild Heart is for you!

Lovable Characters

Flight of a Wild Heart is an amazing historical suspense. I love the combination of romance and suspense that Sara always manages to balance perfectly! Sparrow and Robert's story is on of redemption and moving past the pain of the past. Such a good read!